A Crown land manager (CLM) is responsible for the care of public land and assets in the interest of the community. When managing finances, people and information, adopting best practices – with an emphasis on openness and accountability – helps maintain public confidence in Crown land operations.

Crown land manager induction

The CLM induction is an online program designed to prepare incoming board members and organisations for their appointed role. Completion is mandatory, and is repeated every five years. Find out more.

Financial activities – getting started

Learn the essentials of banking, bookkeeping requirements and tax matters. Find out more.


All non council CLMs are required to report annually. Annual reporting helps the department to identify areas where more support may be required for an individual CLM and overall where to target support initiatives to maximise the use and enjoyment of Crown land. Find out what your reporting obligations are and what needs to be included in an annual report. Find out more.

Learning and development

Find out about the latest courses to support CLMs in their roles managing reserves. Find out more.


All CLMs need adequate insurance for liability, property damage and personal accident cover. Some CLMs are covered by the department, but others need to get their own. Read about the different types of insurance cover and conditions that apply. Find out more.


Buying goods and services is an ongoing activity for many CLMs. It’s important that procurement processes are transparent, accountable and properly documented. Learn more.

Conflict of interest

A conflict of interest for CLMs occurs when private interests may improperly influence public duty. To avoid and manage these situations, find out more.

Managing people

Learn about your obligations for managing people on reserves including recruitment, working conditions, training and other related responsibilities. You will also find a job description template and specific information on volunteer workers . Find out more on managing people.

Board members

CLM board members are responsible for managing their reserves. Read more about rules relating to CLM boards, finding board members and the roles of different executive positions. Find out more.

Privacy and personal information

CLMs may collect and hold personal information about board members, employees, volunteers or visitors. Here’s what you need to know about privacy legislation and handling private information. Learn more.

Public access to government information

All documents and records held by CLMs are considered government information. Learn about your obligations concerning the release of information to the public. Find out more.


Find all the forms and templates you need in one place: risk assessment, work health and safety, incident notification, insurance, leases and licences, conflict of interest and more. View templates.

Terminology and abbreviations

A glossary of terms used throughout the Crown land manager website. View information.

Code of conduct pic

Reserve manager conduct

The Crown reserves code of conduct (the code) outlines the standard of behaviours expected of people managing Crown reserves, helping to ensure transparency, integrity and good governance. Learn more and download the code.

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Risk management

Risk Management

Effective risk management protects people against injury or death, protects the land and buildings, and provides security from financial or legal damages. This information on the risk management process includes a worked example and useful templates.

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