Terminology and abbreviations

Common terminology and abbreviations for Crown land management

  • Crown land manager or CLM: the name given to a legal entity appointed to manage a Crown reserve
  • Statutory land manager: a legal entity established by the Crown Land Management Act 2016 so that individuals as members of a board and administrators can manage Crown reserves
  • Community engagement strategy: a document approved by the minister that sets out the minimum requirements for engaging with the community on certain proposed activities on Crown land such as sale, leasing and licensing.
  • Category 1 non-council Crown land manager or category 1 manager: a Crown land manager that is not a local council and has been assigned as a category 1 manager, having demonstrated advanced governance and expertise in Crown land management. Category 1 managers include: NSW Crown Holiday Parks Land Manager, Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries Land Manager, Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Land Manager, Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Land Manager and Rookwood Necropolis Land Manager.
  • Category 2 non-council Crown land manager or category 2 manager: a Crown land manager that is not a local council and is not assigned as a category 1 manager.
  • Plan of management: a document that defines the value, use, management practices and intent for the broad public purpose for which the land has been reserved or dedicated.
  • Appointment instrument: a document that sets out the terms and conditions of a Crown land manager’s appointment.
  • Crown Reserves Improvement Fund: the name of the funding program that replaces the Public Reserves Management Fund to provide financial support for the development, maintenance and improvement of Crown reserves and freehold showgrounds.
  • Native title manager: a person who has undertaken approved training and is employed or engaged by either a local council or category 1 Crown land manager to ensure dealings with their Crown reserves comply with native title legislation.
  • Reserve trust: a defunct term for Crown reserve trust set up under the Crown Lands Act 1989.

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