Severe weather guidance

Severe weather including flooding and storm activity is forecast for NSW over the coming Spring and Summer period. This severe weather can pose a risk to human life.

The following guidance is provided to assist Crown land managers (CLMs) to prepare and respond to emergency weather situations.

Urgent assistance

If your life is at risk, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

If your reserve(s) is impacted by flooding or a storm event, call the SES on 132 500.

CLMs must follow the directions of emergency services, including evacuation orders where they are in place.

The State Emergency Service (SES) website contains details of current evacuation orders.

Preparing for an emergency

CLMs are reminded to ensure the safety of all reserve board members, volunteers, employees and the general public during severe weather conditions.

Have an emergency response plan in place, outlining roles and responsibilities to manage emergency situations. Review our Emergency Management Checklist for guidance.

In preparation for storm activity, view the SES’s “Get Ready for Storm Season” guide and contact your local SES if you need further advice.

Support after an emergency

Once an initial emergency has passed and the safety of all people, livestock and property has been addressed:

  • If you are in a local government area listed in the natural disaster declaration then you (and/or your user groups) may be eligible for assistance with the cleanup and costs incurred in rectifying damage. Options for disaster relief funding to assist with cleanup and rectification of damage are described in the NSW Disaster Relief guidelines.
  • Most non-council CLMs are covered by the Crown Land's reserves insurance policy (NSW Treasury Managed Fund). Please contact the Crown Land Insurance Team, listed below, with the details of your situation to see if you are eligible for an insurance claim.
  • Other medium-term assistance may be also available through the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund or other funding sources .
  • Crown Lands staff are available to support CLMs with any concerns you might have regarding the management of your reserve during these challenging times. Contact details are listed below.


Stay safe.

Flooding image

Photo by Phillip Flores on Unsplash

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