Roles and responsibilities

A Crown land manager (CLM) is responsible for the care, control and management of appointed Crown reserves on behalf of the people of NSW.

Working with the community, CLMs:

  • recognise and conserve the special values of Crown reserves,
  • ensure Crown reserves are used for their gazetted purpose
  • ensure that everyone has the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy these values
  • manage the reserves to meet community needs, and protect reserves for future generations.

CLMs make decisions regarding the use and management of the reserves and are responsible for the implementation of those decisions. These decisions might include:

  • how a reserve is used
  • environmental and asset management within the reserve
  • fundraising activities and commercial arrangements
  • allocation and expenditure of generated funds.

Management framework

All CLMs are required to carry out management duties in accordance with relevant legislation. Different legislative requirements will apply depending on the use and nature of the land. Specific management requirements may also be contained within a CLM’s appointment instrument or an adopted plan of management.

As managers of important public facilities, CLMs are accountable to their community. Non-council CLMs are required to act in accordance with the Crown Reserve Code of Conduct and report to the minister annually on their activities. Council CLMs are required to have a plan of management for all community land and must manage Crown reserves in accordance with their Council Code of Conduct. All Councils are legislated to report annually on their operations and this includes the management of appointed Crown land.

Managing for all

The organisations, groups and individuals appointed as a CLM may be the main users of the reserve—and often choose to become involved in management because of that interest.

It’s important that there is a clear separation of the two roles (manager and user), both financially and in terms of decision-making. CLMs need to keep in mind that the reserve is to be managed on behalf of the people of NSW as a whole, and not for a particular group or interest or local community.

More information on CLM duties

There are many factors that determine the specific management activities of CLMs for a given Crown reserve, and not all apply to everyone. You can find more information about CLM duties under:

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