Contract management

Once tenure has been granted, it is the Crown land manager’s (CLM) responsibility to ensure that:

  • tenure conditions are complied with and enforced
  • invoices are generated on time and rent is collected
  • annual rent increases are calculated (as per the tenure conditions) and charged accordingly
  • regular inspections are conducted to confirm that the tenured premises are being maintained and kept in reasonable condition
  • rent is re-determined, having regard to the principles of market rent, every three years or as otherwise specified in the tenure conditions
  • insurance policies held by the tenure holder are sighted, every year or period of cover. The policies must cover the activities associated with the tenure.

The CLM may make minor changes to tenure agreements in accordance with s3.28 of the CLM Act without seeking the minister’s consent. However, it is advised that you contact the department to discuss the changes.

A minor change does not result in a change to the following:

  • the rent payable
  • the tenure term, including any option to renew
  • provisions relating to insurance
  • provisions relating to native title rights and interests, or Aboriginal land claims
  • provisions relating to the tenure holder making good any damage to the land or structures
  • provisions relating to works undertaken by the tenure holder for which consent is required
  • provisions relating to the termination of revocation of the tenure.

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