Maintaining and developing Crown reserves costs money. As a Crown land manager (CLM) you’re responsible for managing the ongoing financial viability of Crown reserves, including identifying funding opportunities and other income sources. There are various official funding options available to CLMs for development and maintenance projects and to improve land and facilities.

Crown Reserves Improvement Fund (CRIF)

The CRIF is an annual funding program that provides financial support to develop, maintain and improve Crown reserves. It can be used for repairs and maintenance projects, pest and weed control, recreational infrastructure or environmental initiatives.

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Funding and other income

Learn about funding programs provided by the department as well as other external funding options. Or you may want to be creative and get the community on board with your own fundraising initiatives—we’ve provided some starting points.

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Leases and licences

The department supports a wide range of uses for Crown land, from one-off events such as hall hire for a wedding through to a 10-year lease on a racecourse. Leases and licences set out the rights and responsibilities of the CLM and Crown land users. Learn more about tenure.

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Land management agreements

A land management agreement exchange broader environmental objectives, such as habitat conservation, for direct funding or tradeable credits.

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Financial activities – getting started

Crown Land Managers (CLMs) must be diligent in how they use reserve funds, and ensure that all payments and investments are in keeping with the relevant legal requirements.

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