Code of conduct

The Crown reserves code of conduct (the code) outlines the standard of behaviours expected of people contributing to the management of a Crown reserve.

The community expects that Crown reserves will be managed with transparency, integrity and good governance, and the code reflects those expectations.  Adopting consistent standards and behaviours will help to instil public trust and confidence in the integrity and professionalism of the Crown reserve system.

People involved in managing Crown reserves are responsible for their own conduct.

The code applies to those who contribute to, and perform duties for, the management of Crown reserves in both paid and unpaid roles, and includes:

  • appointed individuals and ex-officio members of Crown reserve boards
  • Crown reserve employees and contractors
  • volunteers undertaking activities on, or for the benefit of, the Crown reserve
  • organisations and/or individuals with an ongoing relationship to the Crown reserve
  • administrator or appointed corporations (and their employees and volunteers)
  • consultants and/or those contracted to provide services to the Crown reserve.

Agreed standards of behaviour

The ten standards detailed in the code outline the need to respect others, act with integrity and transparency, be responsive to our communities and maintain an environment that is safe for volunteers, employees and reserve users.

Importantly, the code will ensure that you, as a contributor to the management of the Crown reserve system, can be confident you’ll be participating in a safe, respectful and enjoyable environment.

View the Crown reserve code of conduct

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