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Members of the public can volunteer to participate in the management of Crown land as an appointed board member of a statutory land manager. There are volunteers involved in approximately 600 community boards offering up their time, skills and enthusiasm for the good of the community.

Becoming involved in the management of Crown land is a rewarding experience. It allows you to get involved with your local community and take care of land and public assets that are important to you, whether it’s a sporting park, community hall, heritage site, showground, racecourse or nature reserve.

Board membership is typically voluntary and individuals can be appointed for a term up to five years. But many board members enjoy it so much they apply to serve more than one term.

What do Crown land boards do?

A Crown land board acts like a company board of directors. It can be made up of community volunteers, local government councillors or other people appointed by the Minister. Board members are empowered to make decisions regarding the use and management of the reserve land and are responsible for the implementation of those decisions. A Crown land reserve board can make decisions about things like:

  • how a reserve is used
  • environmental and asset management within the reserve
  • fundraising activities and commercial arrangements
  • allocation and expenditure of generated funds

As managers of important public facilities Crown land boards are accountable to their community and are required to act in accordance with the Crown Reserve Code of Conduct and report to the Minister annually on their activities.

The department provides support and regular communication with all its managers to assist in undertaking their role.

Who should apply

We’re looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds with a diversity of skills, expertise and interests, who are passionate about public land management and the benefits it provides to the community.

A willingness to work with others as part of a team is a must. Also note that board members need to attend regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings, as agreed by the appointed board.

Board vacancies

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How to apply

Board members applications can be made via the Reserve Manager Portal

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If there are no current board vacancies in your area, we invite you to join our volunteer board register. People that join the register will receive updates when board member roles become available in their area.

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Member induction program

All recommended board members must complete the member induction program before their appointment is finalised. This requirement also applies to re-appointed members.

If you’re not a board member, but would like to know more about what’s involved in Crown lands management before you apply, the induction program gives more information.

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