Annual reporting and financial statements are tools that provide a health check on a reserve.

Annual reporting helps to determine whether a CLM’s financial resources are being controlled and managed appropriately. They also enable the department to review the reserve’s operations and identify reserves that may need assistance.

The Minister responsible for Crown land may request information and undertake audits of a CLM at any time. All CLMs are required to keep records relating to the annual report for six years.

Non-council CLM annual reporting requirements

Non-council CLMs are required to submit annual reports each year, as prescribed in the Crown Land Management Regulation 2018.

Annual reports are due by 31 October each year. Access to annual reporting is via the Reserve Manager Portal at the top right of the page.

Council CLM annual reporting requirements

Council CLMs must comply with reporting requirements in line with the management of community land, as prescribed in the Local Government Act 1993. Further information is available on the Office of Local Government website.

Councils that manage public land under the Commons Management Act 1989 are required to submit annual reports. Refer to the Commons section for more information.

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