Crown land manager induction

The Crown land manager induction is designed to prepare board members and organisations for their appointed role.

About the induction program

The program covers:

  • background and history to Crown reserves
  • an overview of the objectives and principles of the Crown Land Management Act 2016
  • detail on the legal and management structure of the Crown reserves system
  • an introduction to the Crown land manager role and relevant code of conduct
  • where to go for further information and support.

Completion of the induction is mandatory for recommended board members prior to their appointment or re-appointment being finalised.

  • You need to complete the induction program to register.
  • It will take about 30 minutes to complete the program.
  • You must do the induction every five years.

The department is automatically notified when you’ve completed the online program and maintains a register of members who have done the induction. We issue certificates upon completion that are valid for five years.

Start induction program

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