NSW Crown Land Manager Governance Development Program

The department is partnering with the Institute of Community Directors Australia to deliver a governance development training program for Crown land managers (CLMs). All CLMs involved in the management of approximately 34,000 Crown reserves across NSW, those with a lease or licence on Crown reserves, and volunteers who assist appointed CLMs managing reserves are invited to participate. This program is dedicated to supporting CLMs and provides a unique opportunity to share experiences, celebrate ideas and gain knowledge.

The program includes a Diploma of Governance course, interactive online workshops as well as online webinars, outlined below.

Library of recorded training webinars

CLMs can now access a library of webinars to support their roles in managing reserves. The webinar recordings cover topics such as finance basics, Aboriginal cultural awareness, conflict resolution, funding and more.

Access to the webinars is restricted to appointed CLMs who have supplied their email address to Crown Lands. View our guide on how to access the webinars.

If you are not an appointed CLM and would like to access the webinar resources, please submit a request

Online training webinars

A celebration of ideas, knowledge and capacity-building, tailored for the managers of over 7,000 NSW Crown reserves. In 2022, the department is  pleased to bring you an information-packed series of free webinars and online interactive workshops. Hear from experts on some of the hottest topics, trends and issues facing Crown land managers.

Most of the webinars are one-hour.  View schedule and register

Interactive online workshops

These smaller group workshops support Crown land managers (CLMs) to actively examine everyday challenges and participate in real-life practice sessions. Scenarios and case studies used in these workshops will explore issues typically faced by CLMs. The interactive workshops build on knowledge gained in the introductory webinar series and are delivered using interactive videoconferencing technology to groups of up to 15 participants. Participants will be guided by skilled presenters to find and confidently use relevant resources from the Reserve Manager website and learn how to access the ICDA Policy Bank and Resource Hub.

**Registrations are limited to 15 per workshop and only open to existing Crown land managers or volunteers assisting on Crown reserves.

View workshop dates and register

Diploma of Governance program

The department is sponsoring 100 free places in a Diploma of Governance course for non-Council Crown land managers and volunteers who assist in the management of Crown reserves. The Diploma of Governance course, normally valued at $4,500 per participant, will be offered at no cost to 100 non-council Crown land manager (CLM) volunteers or community members who want to become a volunteer CLM. Find out more.

Face-to-face sessions

Non-council CLM workshops are being held across NSW to support land managers in their roles. Learn about strategic planning, using the Reserve Manager Portal and connect with other land managers in your area. Schedule of  sessions:

  • Orange - 10am-3pm, Wednesday, 24 May - Orange Ex-services Club, 231-243 Anson St, Orange

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