Crown Reserves Improvement Fund

The Crown Reserves Improvement Fund (CRIF) supports Crown land managers (CLMs) by providing funding for repairs, maintenance and improvements on Crown reserves. The funding aims to benefit the community, boost our economy and contribute to the cultural, sporting and recreational life of NSW.

The CRIF is a self-sustaining program that is supported by income generated from loan repayments and interest, leases and licences on Crown land, and levies from the operation of coastal Crown caravan parks.

CRIF 2023-24

The FY2023/24 CRIF funding round is closed for assessment.

Announcements of successful applicants is expected in May 2024.

Key dates

Monday 16 October 2023Applications open 9.00am.  
Friday 17 November 2023Applications close 5.00pm sharp.
November 2023 to April 2024Eligibility, assessment and approval process.
May 2024Announcement of successful projects.
May 2024-June 2024Outcome advice sent out along with funding deeds, grant
acceptances and payment processing.

The CRIF funding process is very competitive. The total funding of project applications normally exceeds available funding by four to five times. This 2023-24 funding round will offer around $16m to the highest priority projects in grants ($14m) and loans ($2m).

Priority is given to those applications that best address the assessment criteria and meet all eligibility criteria as detailed in the CRIF guidelines.

Crown land managers of any NSW Crown reserve are eligible to apply to the CRIF. If you are not the authorised Crown land manager you must provide a signed written authorisation from the Crown land manager to apply and if applying for multiple reserves, every land manager must give approval.

2023-24 CRIF guidance documentation

  • The CRIF Guidelines outline the application process and the program objectives. It is essential that you read the Guidelines before submitting an application.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions of the CRIF before submitting an application.
  • Funded projects must be completed within 12 months of receiving the funding
  • CLMs must submit a final report within two months of the project’s completion. Download the latest report template.
  • Non-council Crown land managers (excluding Commons) must have submitted their 2022-23 Annual Report to the department by the round closing date via the Reserve manager portal.
  • The procurement guidelines provide information on acceptable procurement practices when spending public money
  • Acknowledgement of NSW Government funding is a condition of the funding. Refer to the NSW Government funding acknowledgement guidelines to help you decide the best acknowledgement for your project.

2022-23 CRIF funding round outcomes

All successful Crown land managers and unsuccessful applicants have now been advised.

The CRIF 2022-23 offered funding for 267 projects totalling $17.947m to maintain and upgrade facilities and reserves on government-owned land. The funding provided will continue to benefit our community, boost our economy and contribute to the cultural, sporting and recreational life of our region.

CRIF 2022 - 23  Approved Project Offerings Summary

Reserve Type

Number of Projects

Project Values $s

Caravan Parks


$              631,419



$              238,120

Local Parks & Reserves


$        10,549,062



$          5,853,964

State Parks


$              674,883



$        17,947,447

Further detail of executed agreements as at 1 March 2023 can be found in the attached file CRIF FY2022-23 Outcomes as of 19 Jun 2023 (Excel spreadsheet).

Price increases impacting CRIF projects

The department is aware that the current environment of global material shortages and price increases are having an impact on some Crown land manager's ability to complete CRIF projects.

Depending upon the size and nature of your CRIF project, here are some options for you to consider in order to progress your project:

  • De-scoping the project, removing elements that will not alter the fundamental amenity of the project
  • Phasing the project over multiple years and applying for further funding to complete the project in the future
  • Seeking alternative top-up funding from another grant program
  • Running community fundraising events and/or crowd funding
  • Seeking cash or in-kind support from local councils

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