Using Crown reserves

Crown reserves have been established for a broad range of purposes, with an equally broad range of users, from board members and tenure holders to volunteers and visitors. When reserves are used appropriately, managed well and financially sustainable, the community can be confident that future generations will enjoy them as we do now.

Health and safety

Good work health and safety (WHS) policies and procedures reduce the personal, social and economic impact of work-related accidents and incidents.

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Risk management

Effective risk management protects people against injury or death, protects the land and buildings, and provides security from financial or legal damages. This information on the risk management process includes a worked example and useful templates.

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Leases and licences

The department supports a wide range of uses for Crown land, from one-off events such as hall hire for a wedding through to a 10-year lease on a racecourse. Leases and licences set out the rights and responsibilities of the CLM and Crown land users.

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Insurance policy


All Crown land managers (CLMs) must have adequate insurance. To assist eligible CLMs and their members manage Crown reserves, the department provides insurance at no cost through the Treasury Managed Fund (TMF).

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