2019 Regional Achievement and Community Awards

2019 Winners

Cowra Showground, Racecourse and Paceway Land Manager won the Crown Land Manager Excellence Award. Members of the CLM have been recognised for their hard work running a multi-use reserve, generating income from a range of sources and undertaking a range of improvements on the site.

Arthur Hatch, from the Mullumbimby Showground, won the Individual Excellence in Crown Land Management Award. Mr Hatch has reinvigorated the showground, significantly improved the reserve’s finances, attracted a range of new user groups and enhanced the site's offerings.

2019 Finalists

Crown Land Manager Excellence Award

Dirawong Reserve

Dirawong Reserve Land Manager have turned a degraded site to a pristine condition. The Dirawong Reserve Land Manager Board comprises of four local volunteer community members appointed by the Minister. Volunteers manage the 300-hectare site consistent with the Minister-approved Plan of Management. The Board manages local contractors, provides hands-on involvement in maintenance of the Reserve and directly engages in public education. The Board actively manages tracks, minimises intrusive man-made infrastructure and raises community and visitor interest. They have upgraded walking tracks for easier public access whilst reducing environmental damage. Despite limited funds, they have helped preserve Indigenous history and culture in the region.

Dooralong Community Reserve

Dooralong Community Reserve Land Manager has undergone extraordinary work for the Reserve. They are a group of local, appointed individuals who are responsible for the overall management of the Crown Reserve. The group handles management of bookings, full maintenance of the Hall and Reserve, liaison with authorities and community groups, finance management, local history and general enquiries. Other initiatives include the first “Dooralong Showcase Countrywise” under the umbrella of the Central Coast Council’s Harvest Festival. Organised by the Reserve Manager from scratch, the event was attended by 3,000 visitors, 45 volunteers and 38 businesses. The event also helped the Reserve Manager reach out to younger people.

Johns River Community Hall & Recreation Reserve

Johns River Community Hall & Recreation Reserve hopes to leave a long-lasting legacy for the community. A group of five Land Managers have been involved in the Reserve for a combined total of 125 years. Their main role is to ensure that the 10-acre Community Hall and Recreation Reserve precinct is well cared for, from an infrastructure and financial viability perspective for continued enjoyment of the public. All Land Managers are volunteers coming from different backgrounds. They handle maintenance and repairs, management of various functions, and work with volunteers and community labour to save vital dollars. Their primary source of income is their signature monthly Community Markets.

Individual Excellence in Crown Land Management Award

Barry Thomson, Boggabri Showground

Barry Thomson of Boggabri is ensuring the community benefits from use of the grounds. Barry has been President on and off since 1988 of the Boggabri Showground and Public Recreation Land Manager, which is run by seven volunteers. Barry spends each weekend emptying rubbish at the local tip, repairing broken pipes and dripping taps and shower and mowing the area. He even goes out at all hours of the night if needed. He makes sure organisations and clubs using the grounds have safe areas and have correct insurance cover for events. Barry is also the president of the Boggabri Pony Club, which hires the Showground monthly.

Neil Rose, Norah Head Lighthouse

Neil Rose of Norah Head is committed to maintaining the Reserve for current and future generations. Neil has been a Trust and Land Manager Board member for six years at the Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve. As current Board Chairperson, he ensures all areas are maintained and protected according to relevant legislations. He helps manage the finances, coordinates with the Land Manager Board and ensures that the Reserve is safe and available to the public. He also liaises with the Marketing Committee and Reserve Managers on publicity matters and maintains income from tours and event bookings. Neil has been active in community service for over 30 years.

William Kember, Ganmain Showground

William Kember, OAM of Ganmain is passionate the growth of regional communities. The Ganmain Showground Land Manager manages the showground and organisations attached to it, including the Poultry Club, Pony Club and Camping Ground. Will has been an active member for over 45 years and is now Chairman of the Showground Trust. He has been instrumental in gaining funding to develop buildings and infrastructures and encourages various organisations and local horse trainers to be active users of the Showground. He instigated its use as a camping facility, thus encouraging tourism in the area. This injected $50,000  into the Showground and enabled the Trust to build toilets and showers.

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